Grandparents and Technology

Grandparents and Technology

The majority of our content is designed to assist the largest demographic in America in keeping themselves secure. 1 This post will also examine what threats we need to be aware of when younger generations such as grandchildren visit.

They’ll bring all of their gadgets with them and immediately ask for your WiFi password, and then they’re off to the races.

Learn more about computers and Internet skills. In this way, you can enjoy the use of computer together with your grandchildren and provide proper guidance to them.

Spend time surfing the Internet with your grandchildren and educate them on proper use of Internet.

Talk about both the funny things and the dangers, and ensure you know whom your grandchildren chat with. Let your grandchildren know your values, expectations and what acceptable uses of the Internet are.

Work out some agreements with your grandchildren on Internet access.

It is important that your grandchildren understand and follow the appropriate rules that will keep them safe on Internet access. Examples include password handling, timetable and proper behavior on Internet usage.

Consider placing the computer in the living room.

Knowing you are watching; children are less likely to visit sites / do things that you consider not appropriate.

Ensure your grandchildren balance the computer use with other activities.

Apart from having fun with the computer, your grandchildren should have other activities and interests, like sports, family time and friends in real life. Do not let your grandchildren be addicted to Internet surfing.

DON’T blame or punish your grandchildren when they tell you something encountered on the Internet that seems strange or makes them feel uncomfortable. Remember: it is not their fault!

DON’T let your grandchildren order goods online without your permission. If your grandchildren want to buy something online, and you agree to it, then you should complete the order form for them.

DON’T let your grandchildren meet an online friend in person without your permission or without adult present. A person can pretend to be anyone or anything and perhaps they are being nice to your grandchildren because they want something. Hence, you should teach your grandchildren to treat their online friends as strangers.

DON’T allow online exchange or posting of personal photos of your family unless with persons you know or trust. Attackers always try to collect personal information from your grandchildren to do bad things.

DON’T encourage your grandchildren to download materials or photos that are unclear of copyright ownership. You should teach your grandchildren the importance of intellectual property!

DON’T commit offences yourself in order to set a role model for your grandchildren. Note that your grandchildren will easily follow what you are doing!

  1. Baby boomers, often shortened to boomers, are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. The generation is often defined as people born from 1946 to 1964 during the mid-20th century baby boom. ↩︎
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